How to Apply for a Committee

1. Choose A Committee

With over 40 committees to choose from, there will be a committee for you.

Not sure which one to pick? Look through our list of committees and find one that interests you. It's also good to consider a committee that might help you build your professional network. You can also see a list of current vacancies below. 

Vacant Committee Positions

2. Fill out the Application

Google Application

3. Committee Interview

An A.S. Executive Officer will interview you. Generally, the interviews are short and they want to know why you want to join. 

After all other applicants for that committee have been interviewed they will decide who to recommend to the A.S. Board of Directors.  

4. A.S. Board of Director's Approval

You should be present at the A.S. Board meeting. If you can't attend because of work or class, contact the executive officer before the meeting. 

If the A.S. Board approves of your appointment, you're on the committee.

5. Committee Preparation

We recommend contacting the committee chair to find out what projects or decisions the committee is working on.

Most committees have an Humboldt website with a lot of information. Use the search bar on the Humboldt home page to find committee information.