A.S. Executive Cabinet


Serve as an advisory group assessing the needs and goals of the Association; Evaluate any A.S. Board member as to upholding their responsibilities when requested by a majority of the A.S. Board or the Legislative Vice President; and, Recommend appointments to the A.S. Board. (AS Administrative Code Section 2.03)


Chair: A.S. President


  • A.S. Vice Presidents, ex-officio
  • A.S. Social Justice and Equity Officer, ex-officio
  • A.S. Environmental Sustainability Officer, ex-officio
  • A.S. Vice Chair, elected from the Board of Directors
  • A.S. External Affairs Representative (non-voting), ex-officio
  • A.S. Public Relations Officer (non-voting), ex-officio
  • Parliamentarin (non-voting), ex-officio
  • A.S. Executive Director (advisor/non-voting)
Committee Head: 
  • Samuel Parker, A.S. President 
Committee Advisor: 
  • Kendra Higgins - Interim Executive Director
Committee Members: 
  • Gerardo Hernandez, A.S. Student Affairs Vice President
  • Tashenea Burns-Young, A.S. Legislative Vice President
  • Andres Olmos, A.S. Administrative Vice President
  • Vacant, A.S. Social Justice & Equity Officer
  • Vacant, A.S. Environmental Sustainability Officer
  • Vacant, A.S. Board of Directors Vice Chair


  • Vacant, A.S. External Affairs Representative
  • Vacant, A.S. Public Relations Officer
  • Jasmin Shirazian, A.S. Parliamentarian
Vacancy Number: