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Want to help change the campus community and gain professional experience working with your student government?

By joining the Board of Directors or a Campus Committee you will be able to voice your opinions to help benefit the student environment on campus. It's important to try and find a Board or Committee that will allow you to put your skills to use. Getting involved with student government will also give you the chance to make lasting connections with peers and other professionals in your field of study.  

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A.S. Board member's Office Hours - Fall 2019
NameA.S. Board PositionOffice Hours Location
Yadira CruzPresidentWednesdays 3-5pmA.S. Office
Lizbeth Cano SanchezAdministrative Vice President Mondays 1-2pm & Wednesdays 1:30-2:30pmA.S. Office
Jeremiah FinleyLegislative Vice PresidentMondays 11-12pm & Wednesdays 1:45-2:45pm & Fridays 11-12pmA.S. Office
Breannah RuedaStudent Affairs Vice PresidentWednesdays 1-3pmA.S. Office
Malluli CuellarSocial Justice & Equity Officer Thursdays 2:30 - 4:30pmA.S. Office
Gabrielle SmithEnvironmental Sustainability OfficerMondays 1-2:55pmA.S. Office
Paola Valdovinos External Affairs RepresentativeMondays & Wednesdays 1-2pmA.S. Office
Cassaundra CaudilloPublic Relations OfficerFridays 12-2pmA.S. Office
Flow LemusASPresents RepresentativeMondays 3-5pmA.S. Office
Yi Hsuan (Lily) HUANGGraduate RepresentativeThursdays 8-10amA.S. Office
Allie FollettAt-Large Representative Wednesdays 12-2pmA.S. Office
Yarexi Gutierrez At-Large RepresentativeMondays 12-1pm & Wednesdays 12-2pmA.S. Office
Victor ParraCollege of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences RepresentativeMondays & Wednesdays 10-11amA.S. Office
Amal AmooraCollege of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences RepresentativeWednesdays & Fridays 3-5pmA.S. Office
Sarah Kanga LivingstoneCollege of Natural Resources & Sciences RepresentativeThursdays 2-4pmA.S. Office
William WeinbergCollege of Natural Resources & Sciences RepresentativeMondays 10-11am & Wednesdays 10-11am in the Forestry LoungeM - A.S. Office; W - Forestry Lounge
Marisol AngelesCollege of Professional Studies RepresentativeA.S. Office

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