What is Associated Students?

Associated Students (A.S) is the elected representing voice for students at Cal Poly Humboldt. We educate, allocate, and advocate on behalf of Humboldt's student body.

A.S defends the student body interests as stakeholders of our University alongside faculty, campus administrators, and government officials. 

We fund & administer student initiated, student led programs, and services. 

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) auxiliary organization governed by a Board of Directors with 15 voting students, 3 advisory students, and 2 non-student advisors.
Below is a link to our 2020-21 A.S. Funded Program: the Student Legal Lounge. To view our extended list of funded areas visit the programs and services page. 

We have three primary purposes:

To educate the campus community on current affairs that have significant impact to students.

To allocate student fee dollars to student initiated and led programs and services.

To advocate institutional changes that serve to enhance the student experience.

Associated Students of Cal Poly Humboldt are committed to where social justice intersects with sustainability!

A.S. funded programs and services contribute to Humboldt's sustainable culture. Check out the highlights of Campus Center for Appropriate Technology, Check It, & Humboldt Oh SNAP Student Food Programs! You'll also see the work of WRRAP featured on this video.