Join a Committee!

Humboldt has over 40 committees with over 95 student positions.  If you are passionate about a certain issue or interest, there is a committee for it! 

Why join a committee?

Employers are looking for people who are good communicators and collaborators.  Joining a committee can help you improve your communication skills as you advocate for students while you share your opinions and ideas.  Depending on the committee, this is a chance to work with campus professionals on projects that matter and provide positive results for the whole campus.  It’s also a great way to build your resumè as you work with faculty, staff, and administration on campus issues and projects.

Which committee to join?

There is a lot of information available on each committee.  We provide general information for each of the committee, but if you would like to learn more we suggest the committee handbook and visiting their website.

Committee Handbook - The handbook provides general information, which includes the membership list and specific requirements.

Committee List – Read more about each committee. Many of the committees have websites that include the membership roster, meeting time and location, agenda/minutes, and other information.

Vacant Committee Positions - Check out a list of current committee openings. 

How to apply?

Find a committee that aligns with your passions, read about the minimum qualifications, and submit the Student Interest Form. Visit the How to Apply page for more detailed information. 

Committee Calendar

Find out when committees meet by visiting the A.S. Board and Committee Meetings section of the Campus Events Calendar. On that calendar you can check to see when and where decision-making is happening. 

Contact Us

Email us at or come by the Associated Students office and we will be happy to help you.