Resolutions are statements of position on a particular issue by the Associated Students Board, acting as representatives of the students of Humboldt State University. The resolutions are listed by the date on which they were passed.


An Act to Establish a More Perfect Student Union (2019-20-02)

"...the A.S. Board of Directors move to unite student leaders across campus, such as the Residence Hall Association [RHA] Executive Committee, The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee [SAAC] Executive Team and the Associated Students Executive Committee, in the form of monthly meetings with the provisions set by the Proposal of the Associated-Residential-Athletic-Council..."

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Date Passed: Nov 5 2019

Resolution to Restore Student Well-being (2019-20-03)

...RESOLVED, that the Associated Students of Humboldt State University uphold their commitment to Social Justice by moving to restore student well-being by supporting the creation of medical information that reflects and/or highlights the correct names and pronouns of students, and additionally the confirmation of identity through last name and birthdate of students, furthermore; be it.

RESOLVED, that the Humboldt State University Student Health and Wellbeing Services also move to readjust the medical health information system to reflect and/or highlight the correct names and pronouns of students, that the Humboldt State University Student Health and Wellbeing Services move to confirm the identity of students through the confirmation of last names and bi1thdates of students, and refer to the chart to confom the correct pronouns of students, furthermore; be it

RESOLVED, that the Student Health and Wellbeing Services create a culture of competence and understanding in which students feel they are treated with respect, dignity, and empathy beyond the aforementioned terminology...

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Date Passed: Oct 22 2019

An Act to Clarify the Commitment of the Associated Students of Humboldt State (2019-20-01)

"The Associated Students Board of Directors alter the committee of the Associated Students from being "committed to sustainability" to being "committed to social justice" and that the A.S. Board of Directors require all A.S. funded programs align themselves with this commitment, for all of the Associated, funded areas to explain how they plan to use the Associated Students monies to promote social justic, and for all clubs that apply for Associated Students grants to exlpain how they will use the A.S. grants to help spread social justice..."

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Date Passed: Sep 24 2019

Resolution No. 2018-19-07 An Act to Support AB 798, Affordable Textbooks, the Activities of Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$), and SB 1359 or Zero Cost Course Material (ZCCM) Designation

In general, the "Zero Cost Course MaterialResolution...

  • encourages even more campus-wide adoption of zero-cost materials and utilization of Open Educational Resources (OER),
  • urges many different areas of campus to increase educational and training efforts around the OERs, the HSU Sustainable Learning Program, ZCCM designations and textbooks on reserve in the library

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Date Passed: Apr 29 2019

Resolution No. 2018-19-09 An Act to Support the Exemption of Student Fundraising Activities from the 5% Processing Fee Charged on all charitable donations by HSU Advancement Foundation

Associated Students supports student organizations and clubs on the HSU campus. Student clubs and organizations sometimes use fundraising as a creative way to fund student engagement projects and events for HSU students showing that student fundraising activities and solicitations of charitable donations directly support student engagement.

HSU policy requires all charitable donations to be received and receipted by the Humboldt State University Advancement Foundation (HSUAF). The HSUAF charges a 5% Contribution Administration Fee on all contributions including contributions resulting from student fundraising activities. HSU charges the HSUAF an Administrative Services Cost Reimbursement for accounting and administrative services provided to the HSUAF by HSU. The 5% Contribution Administration Fee is used by the HSUAF to pay for the Administrative Cost Reimbursement charged by HSU.

Humboldt State University would be showing good faith to student organizations by not taking money students worked hard to fundraise and get donated. The Associated Student Board of Directors supports the exemptions of student fundraising activities from the 5% Contribution Administration Fee by the and that HSU work with the HSUAF to ensure that student fundraising activities are exempted from 5% Contribution Administration Fee on all charitable donations.

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Date Passed: Mar 11 2019


Resolution No. 2018-19-05 An Act to Support Ecosia on Library Computers

It is the value of HSU that individuals be environmentally, economically and socially responsible in the quest for viable, sustainable communities. The development and use of technology has often been at odds with these values. Ecosia is a web search engine based out of Berlin, Germany, that is B-Lab certified as a benefit corporation because Ecosia:

  • donates 80% of its surplus income to non-profit organization that focus on reforestation and conservationism
  • runs on 100% solar energy, neutralizing the carbon emissions associated with internet browsing
  • actively plants trees in 17 countries throughout Europe, North America, Central America, South America, Africa and Asia
  • published monthly business reports and tree-planting receipts which describe their spending in detail
  • gave away shares to the Purpose Foundation to ensure its founders can never take profits out of the company or receive dividends

Therefore, A.S. supports Ecosia being installed on all library computers as an eco-friendly web browser option.

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Date Passed: Nov 26 2018

Adopted Senate Resolution on Voting Membership of the University Senate

Resolution has to go through the Senate, Staff Council and Associated Students.
If passed by all parties, the resolution would change:

  • the California Faculty Association (CFA) HSU Chapter President from being obligated to serve as the CFA HSU Chapter Senate representative, to being able to assign a delegate from the CFA HSU Chapter.
  • the CFA HSU Chapter Senate representative and the HSU Labor Council delegate will gain voting rights instead of being non-voting Senate members

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Date Passed: Nov 26 2018

Resolution in Support of the Creation of a CSU Executive Compensation Policy (No. 2018-19-04)

A.S. of HSU supports:

  • the creation of a CSU system-wide executive compensation policy that would model a more equitable distribution of wealth
  • the existing CSU Classification and Compensation working group in their goal of developing classication standars for executive positions

A.S. of HSU calls for:

  • the CSU board of Trustees to review current compensatio levels across the CSU system, as well as research the compensation packages of related executive positions across the state of California
  • the CSU board of Trustees to decrease executive compensation and the amount of managerial/supervisor positions, and to increase the number of tenure line and permanent faculty positions, along with an increase in faculty, staff and student staff pay
  • the next HSU president to follow in Chancellor White's footsteps, and take a coluntary pay cut of at least 10% in recognition of the recent budget cuts and current financial status of the University

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Date Passed: Nov 5 2018

Resolution No. 2018-19-03 An Act for Minors and Recently Declared Students to Qualify to be a College Representative

"Resolved: Minors and recently declared students qualify to be a college representative only if there are vacancies in the Board after the elections to be more inclusive and give opportunity in a case by case basis with the board’s approval"

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Date Passed: Oct 15 2018

Resolution No. 2018-19-01 An Act to Change the "Earth Week Committee" name to "Earth Week Every Week Committee"

This resolution changes the name of the "Earth Week Committee" to "Earth Week Every Week Committee" to expand the charge of the committee to instill the spirit of Earth Week throughout the year.

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Date Passed: Oct 1 2018

Resolution No. 2018-19-02 An Act to Require Open Associated Students (A.S.) Board of Directors Positions to be Advertised in El leñador newspaper, in addition to the Lumberjack Newspaper

This resolution added El leñador to the publications that A.S. must advertise vacant Board of Directors positions.

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Date Passed: Sep 17 2018

Resolution No. 2017-18-07 An Act to Repeal AS Resolution 2016-17-12: An Act to Amend the Associated Students Elections Code and Constitution

2016-17-12: An Act to Amend the Associated Students Elections Code and Constitution changed the ASPresents Representative to become an elected official and thus the ASPresents Committee a legislative body required to conduct business as a legislative body under the Gloria Romero Open Meeting Act and specifically meet quorum. The Committee was unable to fulfill their duties with this requirement.

The 2017-18 Board resolved to make the ASPresents Representative an appointed position again.

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Date Passed: Mar 5 2018


Resolution No. 2017-18-6 An Act to Establish a Legal Center at Humboldt State.

The 2017-18 AS Board of Directors established a legal center as an AS Program.

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Date Passed: Nov 13 2017