Opposition to Priority or Specialized Registration for HSU Student-Athletes

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Approved February 20, 2006

Whereas, The Associated Students serve as the official voice of the students at Humboldt State University; and

Whereas, The Associated Students recognize that all students, regardless of involvement in student activities are first, and foremost, students; and

Whereas, Granting priority registration to one group of students, without offering the same privilege to other groups would lead to tension and conflict between organizations in the student community; and

Whereas, Many other students on this campus would feel that their activities should qualify them to have priority or specialized registration including but not limited to, students in Marching Lumberjacks, CCAT, Sports Clubs, YES house, Service Learning, Campus Recycling, Student Access Gallery, CenterArts, AS Presents, or any other AS or campus program, also Student-Parents, full and part time working students, students active in clubs, students on campus committees, students who are participating even further as program directors/ co-directors of programs on campus; therefore be it

Resolved, That the Associated Students of Humboldt State University do formally oppose priority or specialized registration for student athletes; be it further

Resolved, That copies of this resolution be sent to, but not limited to, HSU President Rollin Richmond, Vice President of Student Affairs Steve Butler, Provost Richard Vrem, HSU Alumni Association, HSU Athletic Director Dan Collen, HSU Faculty Athletic Representative Jeff Borgeld, HSU Academic Senate Chair Saeed Mortazavi, HSU College Deans, the Lumberjack Newspaper, and members of the local media.

Authored by: David Backues, Legislative Vice President

Submitted by:

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Colleen Roberts, Representative Jena Miyata, Representative
All University Residence Halls Association

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David Backues, Legislative Vice President Nicole Alvarado, President