A-Z Business Forms

AS Business Forms

Anti-Hazing and Initiation Policy

Humboldt policy on hazing and initation for all groups, departments, and organizations on campus.

AS Personnel Handbook

This handbook provides information for AS employees.

AS Service Agreement

Complete this form if AS funds are being used for a fee or travel reimbursement of an contractor (Artist, band, facilitator, etc.)

ASB Funds - Misc. Revenue

Cashier's receipt instructions for miscellaneous revenue. 

Associated Students Employment Application

The Employment Application is to be used for AS Programs during the hiring process.

Donation Acknowledgement Form

A.S. Government and Programs complete this form to report a donation to their organization. When considering the acceptance of a donation such as cash, equipment, real property or other items, the Associated Students will follow applicable campus policy and criteria. Items will only be used for purposes consistent with the CSU. The Associated Students will also review if there is sufficient working capital or reserves available to cover future expenditures associated with the donation.

Funded by A.S. Logo

The Funded by A.S. Logo is to be used by A.S. funded programs, services and areas to indicate to students what they're funding. Events and services funded through A.S. Grants also use this logo on all publicity and promotional items.

Green Purchasing Best Practices


According to the Humboldt Sustainable Procurement webpage, "Suppliers are encouraged to include products that promote environmentally friendly environmental stewardship in their online product catalog and faculty and staff members are empowered to select environmentally friendly products for their purchase requirements. Our buyers can also help with answering your questions and providing additional information."

Instructionally Related Activities Student Travel Verification Form

This form has traveling students acknowledge the per diem received from IRA for travel

Line Item Transfer Request Form

Use this form if a program wants to request a transfer of funds from one line item to another line item.

List of Banned Travel States

List of Banned Travel States: 

General Information can also be found on the Attorney General’s website: https://oag.ca.gov/ab1887

Lost or Unusual Receipt Memo

This form is used when a check request is submitted for reimbursement when a receipt has been lost or is unusual in nature.

Payee Data Record Form STD. 204

Routing Instructions: 
Deliver to Accounts Payable by dropping form off in SBS 345. This State of California standard form is required to be on file for every person, or vendor that requests payment through Accounts Payable.

Payment Request Form

Use this form to submit with documentation for reimbursements or to pay invoices. This form replaced the "AS Check Request" form.

Pre-Travel Documents

Required documents for student travel. If you are using a private vehicle you must also complete this form and submit to the AS Business Office.

Return of ASB Funds

Cashier Receipt instructions and form.

Social Responsibility Policy

It is recognized that the Associated Students may purchase merchanise from corporations and the policies of such corporations may have an impact on the societies of the countries in which they do business.

Student Travel Verification

To be completed to order to travel on A.S. business.

Supplies & Services Purchase Request

A.S. Purchasing Request