The Associated Students Government positions for 2021-22 will be open for election in Spring 2021.  If you are dedicated, organized, communicative and ready to work as a leadership team, get prepared to run for office!

All positions for 2020-21 are filled.

Students must meet the following academic requirements to serve on the A.S. Board of Directors.

For Undergraduates:

  • Be a current HSU student enrolled in a minimum of 6 units for the current semester.
  • Have a cumulative and current semester 2.0 GPA
  • Successfully completed 12 semester units at HSU within the twelve months preceding this semester.
  • No more than 132 cumulative units or 125 percent of the units required for a specific baccalaureate degree.

For Post-Baccalaureate Students:

  • Maintain 3 units per semester
  • Cumulative and semester 2.0 GPA
  • No more than 50 semester units or 167 percent of the units required for the graduate or credential objective, whichever is greater.


Stipends Awarded

Stipends are awarded twice per semester to current Board members based on a percentage of the estimated cost of resident undergraduate tuition and fees as published by the Humboldt State University Financial Aid Office

Amounts below are annual rates for 2020-21-

  • 95% of student fees for 2020-21$7,470

  • 30% of student fees for 2020-21$2,359
    Administrative Vice President, 
    Legislative Vice President,
    Student Affairs Vice President, 
    Environmental Sustainability Officer,
    Social Justice and Equity Officer, 
    External Affairs Representative,
    A.S. Presents Representative, 
    Public Relations Officer 

  • 25% of student fees for 2020-21$1,996
    College-specific representatives from each college, 
    At-Large representatives,
    Graduate student representative

Board members work between 6 and 20 hours depending on position. As a base, all members are scheduled for:

  • 3 hour Board meetings at least every other Friday,
  • varying committee meetings, and
  • hold 2 office hours a week