A.S. Sub-Committee on Environmental Affairs

Formerly known as the A.S. Earth Week Every Week Planning Committee

Charge: To plan programs, events, and workshops that seek to educate, create community, and foster dialogue revolving around the theme of sustainability specifically related to issues of social and environmental justice, human and non-human rights, and healthy lifestyles.

Join the Zoom Meeting: TBD

Co-Chair: A.S. Environmental Sustainability Office and one other student elected from the Committee's membership


  • 1 Student from the A.S. Board
  • 2 Students of the Association
  • Representatives from the following groups:
    • WRRAP [Waste Reduction & Resource Awareness Program]
    • CCAT [ Campus Center for Appropriate Technology]
    • Green Campus
    • Housing and Residence Life
    • Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán [MEChA]
    • Black Student Union
    • Vegan Club
    • Indian Tribal & Educational Personnel Program [ITEPP]
    • Indian Natural Resources, Sciences and Engineering Program [INRSEP]
    • MultiCultural Center [MCC]

1 Student from the A.S. Board is interviewed and can be recommended by the A.S. Student Affairs Vice President. 
2 Students of the association are interviewed and can be recommended by A.S. via the A.S. Legislative Vice President



Committee Head: 
  • Vacant , Environmental Sustainability Officer - 
Committee Advisor: 
Committee Members: 


Vacancy Number: