A.S. Public Relations Committee


  • Assist in the development and creation of outreach and marketing strategies and materials which promote the A.S. mission, values, and vision. 
  • Maintain strong student involvement and voice in the AS programming activities and events.
  • Develop A.S. as a programming leader on the HSU campus;
  • Ensure the successful promotion of all A.S. programming events and activities;
  • Develop and coordinate an active relationship between the student community, campus clubs and the Associated Students;
  • Build community spirit by planning and co-sponsoring events that take place on the HSU campus.


  • Meet regularly to conduct all programming business;
  • Seek input and suggestions for programming ideas from the HSU campus community;
  • Generate a wide mix of outreach and marketing strategies and materials which promote AS events and activities;
  • Evaluate recommendations for programming events.

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A.S. Public Relations Officer


  • 2 students appointed by the A.S. Legislative Vice President
  • 3 students appointed by the A.S. President
  • A.S. Executive Director (or designee), advisor/non-voting


 Every Monday 11-11:50am

Committee Head: 
Committee Advisor: 
Committee Members: 
  • Angelica Alvarez
  • Linda Donis
Vacancy Number: