University Space and Facilities Advisory Committee (USFAC)

Subcommittee to the University Resource Planning Committee, a committee of the University Senate [URPC]


  1. The Committee shall make recommendations to the URPC and, within the policy guidelines established by the Senate, advise the President and appropriate administrative officers concerning the allocation of university resources and general budget policy.         
  2. Act as an advisory body regarding the development and management of the physical environment of the campus where function, aesthetic quality, and     physical character are intermixed to create a desirable and inspirational atmosphere for students, faculty and staff. Includes, but may not be limited to, the assignment of space, building and renovation plans, campus planning and design standards, and the prioritization of minor and major capital requests.
  3. Research and development of recommendations associated with plans, policies, procedures and guidelines concerning the administration of the physical campus
  4. The Committee will provide input on the following:
      • University Facilities Master Plan
      • University Five-Year Major Capital Plan
      • University Construction Projects
      • University-Wide Space Management Policy
      • Campus Planning & Design Standards
      • Campus Projects & Associated Management Processes
      • Building Renovation & Construction Plans (Schematic Level)
      • Alteration of the Campus Grounds (Schematic Level)
      • Other Areas of Study as Designated by the President

ReportsOne of the Co-Chairs will regularly report to the URPC on the work of the Committee. 

Co-Chairs: of the University Space and Facilities Advisory Committee shall be a faculty member, Elected by the University Senate for a 2-year term, and the Vice President of Administrative Affairs. They shall be non-voting except that in the case of a tie the faculty co-chair shall vote to break the tie.                                      

Voting Membership

  • One (1) URPC Rep & Faculty Representative as Appointed by URPC
  • Two (2) Faculty Members as Appointed by the University Senate
  • One (1) College Dean as appointed by the Provost
  • One (1) Representative of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Represented as Appointed by the VP of Enrollment Management
  • One (1) Information Technology Services Representative as Appointed by the Chief Information Officer
  • One (1) University Advancement Representative as Appointed by the VP for University Advancement
  • One (1) President's Division Representative as Appointed by the University President
  • Two (2) Student Representative as Appointed by Associated Students

Ex-Officio Members: 

  • Director of Academic Resources
  • Director of Facilities Operations, Facilities Management
  • Director of Sustainability
  • Executive Director, University Center, Interim

Non-Voting Members:

  • Director, Facilities Maintenance, Facilities Management
  • Director, Planning & Sustainability, Facilities Management
  • Campus Space Analyst, Facilities Management
  • Architect, Planning, Design, & Construction, Facilities Management

Terms:  Faculty and staff members shall be appointed for staggered, two-year terms.  Students will be appointed for one-year terms.


The USFAC also has several sub-groups and committees:


2020-21: Every other Friday from 11am-Noon
First meeting is September 18th


Committee Head: 
Committee Members: 
  • Jeanne Rynne - Associate Vice President for Facilities Management
  • TC Comet - Campus Sustainability Coordinator
  • Vacant - Executive Director for University Center
  • Holly Martel - Director of Academic Resources
  • Dale Oliver - Dean of College of Natural Resources & Sciences
  • Steve St. Onge - Associate Vice President of Student Success
  • Josh Callahan -  Information Security Officer of Information Technology Services
  • James Woglom - Assistant Professor for Department of Art
  • Genevieve Marchand - Associate Professor for Department of Kenisiology & Recreation Administration 
  • Kristen Gould - Creative Director for Marketing & Communications
  • Lisa Bond-Maupin - Acting Deputy Chief of Staff & Special Assistant to the President
Vacancy Number: