University Resources and Planning Committee (URPC)

Charge: See Section 11.3, Bylaws and Rules of Procedures of the University Senate of Humboldt


  1. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Senate and, within the policy guidelines established by the Senate, advise the President and appropriate administrative officers concerning the allocation of university resources and general budget policy.
  2. The Committee shall act as the deliberative body of the Senate on issues pertaining to university budgets, long term capital planning, and allocation of special funds.
  3. The Committee shall question, review, and evaluate resource allocations based on current fiscal priorities and strategies in support of the University vision and Strategic Plan and evaluate consistency of resource allocations (both budgeted and un-budgeted funds including enrollment growth funds) with that vision and plan.
  4. The Committee shall review and make recommendations concerning new budget allocations (augmentations and reductions), cross-divisional budget allocations and allocations to special funds, and advise administrators on the use of those funds. It is not the role of this committee to interfere with internal division processes, but rather to review and evaluate the consistency of resource allocations with agreed upon budget priorities and the University’s vision and strategic plan. The function shall not be construed as to in anyway imply an authority with regard to specific personnel decisions, and at all times is constrained by contractual agreements of the University.
  5. The Committee shall receive quarterly budget reports to review how budgeted and unbudgeted funds are spent relative to agreed budget categories and priorities, and make relevant recommendations.
  6. The Committee shall review reports on budget and expenditure outcomes and impacts; it shall receive, review and advise on annual reports from division leaders concerning achievements relative to projected goals and objectives.
  7. The Committee shall serve as the consultative body on long term fiscal planning, reviewing patterns of previous expenditures and proposing changes as they may affect student success consistent with the University mission, and making general policy recommendations regarding present and future resource decisions including consultation on the development of proposals for non-traditional funding.


  • Faculty Senator, elected by the University Senate
  • Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs


  • A.S. President (or designee)
  • 2 student appointed by A.S. Administrative Vice President
  • 3 Faculty members (w/preference given to Faculty Senators), appointed by AEC
  • 1 Academic Dean, appointed by the President
  • Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (or designee)
  • Vice President, Administrative Affairs (or designee)
  • Vice President, University Advancement (or designee)
  • 2 Staff delegates, appointed by AEC, w/preference given to staff senators
  • 2 Student delegates, appointed by Associated Students 
  • University Budget Director (non-voting advisor)
  • Budget Analyst from each Division (non-voting advisor)


  • URPC meets bi-weekly Fridays (weekly as needed) from 1pm-2:30pm. 
Committee Head: 
Committee Members: 
  • Kerri Malloy - Lecturer of University of Studies
  • Monty Mola - Department Chair of Physics & Astronomy
  • Tyler Stumpf - Assistant Professor of School of Business
  • Anthony Baker - Budget Resource & Safety Coordinator for College of Natural Resources & Sciences
  • Alex Gradine - Admin Support Assistant for Center for Teaching & Learning
  • Shawna Young - Dean of College of Professional Studies
  • Doug Dawes - Vice President of Administrative Affairs
  • Jason Meriwether - Vice President of Enrollment Management
  • Frank Whitlatch - Vice President for Univeristy Advancement
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