University Center Board of Directors

Charge: To assist in planning the development of the University Center (U.C.) and its programs; to establish policies for the administration of facilities and services.

Chair: Student representative elected from the membership


  • A.S. President, ex-officio
  • A.S. Student Affairs Vice President, ex-officio
  • 2 Residence Hall Association Representatives
  • 3 elected students (2 one-year representatives, 1 two-year representative)
  • 3 faculty members appointed by the Senate Appointments Committee
  • University President (or designee)
  • Director, Financial Services
  • 1 community member nominated by and a member of the Alumni Association
  • Executive Director, University Center (Advisory, non-voting)


Monthly on Thursdays starting at 5:15pm in the University Center Banquet Room or via Zoom

Committee Members: 
  • The 3 elected student (2 one-year representatives, 1 two-year representative) positions are currently vacant. Contact to inquire. (Not included on A.S. Application Form)
Vacancy Number: