Student Health Center Advisory Committee (SHAC)

Charge: To serve as an advisory, liaison, and outreach function between students, the Student Health Center and the campus Administration; to assist in promoting the general health and well-being of Humboldt students, including facilitating, publicizing and improving Student Health Center services; to periodically obtain and evaluate information regarding the health concerns and health care needs of students, including Student Health Center programs and policies; to utilize this information in making recommendations to the campus and Health Center .

Chair: A student member elected by the committee


  • A.S. Legislative Vice President (or designee)
  • 2 students appointed by A.S. President
  • 1 student appointed by A.S. Administrative Vice President
  • 2 students appointed by A.S. Student Affairs Vice President
  • 1 staff member from Residential Life
  • Director, Student Health Center
  • 1 staff member from Student Health Center (Advisory, non-voting)
  • 1 provider from Student Health Center
  • 1 member of the General Faculty


As needed

Committee Members: 
Vacancy Number: