Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC)

Charge: To advise the University President regarding the establishment and adjustment of all campus mandatory fees, user and penalty fees in accordance with the provisions of Chancellor’s Executive Order 1102.

Chair: A student of the committee appointed yearly by the President


  • A.S. President (or designee)
  • 3 students appointed by the A.S. President (staggered two-year terms)
  • Manager of Student Financial Services, ex-officio
  • 1 administrator appointed by the University President
  • 1 faculty member appointed by the Academic Senate (2-year term)
  • A.S. Executive Director (non-voting)


As needed

Committee Members: 
  • Jeremiah Finley - A.S. President
  • Sandy Wieckowski - Manager of Student Accounts 
  • Aaron Foster - Student
  • Indigo Eden - Student
Vacancy Number: