Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Committee

Charge: Advise the President regarding both level of fee and allocation of fee revenue. Additionally, this committee reviews the intercollegiate athletics budget proposal from the Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Committee prior to its submission to the President. The committee shall work within the confines of the Chancellor's Executive Order relating to instructionally related activities fee and BA letters of instruction coming from the Chancellor's Office.



  • A.S. Administrative Vice President (ex-officio)
  • 1 A.S. Board member appointed by A.S. President
  • 1 student appointed by A.S. President (2-year term preferred)
  • 1 A.S. Board member appointed by A.S. Administrative Vice President
  • 3 Faculty members (appointed by the HSU President)
  • 2 Administrators (appointed by the HSU President)
Committee Head: 
Committee Members: 
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