GEAR, Curriculum & Assessment Sub-Committee

Charge: To provide ongoing review and improvement of *GE & All University Requirements [GEAR] learning outcomes in conjunction with GEAR faculty; provide guidance and coordinator for the GEAR assessment of those outcomes; collate and interpret aggregate GEAR assessment data and report results to the ICC; provide recommendations for GEAR curricular and instructional changes based on assessment results.

Chair:  Elected member of the ICC


  • 1 student member appointed by the A.S. President
  • 3 Faculty (not members of the ICC), one from each college, appointed by the Senate Appointments and Elections Committee
  • 1 additional Faculty member, appointed by the Senate Appointments and Elections Committee, ideally someone who teaches in at least one of the GEAR areas: A, E, DCG, Institutions, and who is not a member of the ICC
  • Vice Provost (Ex-officio)

Sub-committee of the Integrated Curriculum Committee


Meetings: Alternating weeks

Vacancy Number: