Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Committee

Charge: The functions of the committee are: 1) Education and Prevention, 2) Review of and Recommendations for Policy, and 3) Communication

Chair: Counseling and Psychological Services, Alcohol and Drug Specialist


  • 2 faculty members
  • 2 “at large” staff members
  • Representative from Arcata Police Department
  • Representative from University Police Department
  • Assistant Director of Housing and Residential Life
  • A.S. Legislative Vice President (or designee)
  • 1 student from fraternal/Greek organizations (Appointed by A.S. via A.S. President upon the recommendation of the Greek Council)
  • 1 student from the Residence Housing Association (appointed by A.S. via A.S. President upon the recommendation of RHA)
  • 1 student from Intercollegiate Athletics (appointed by the A.S. via A.S. President upon the recommendation of the Athletic Director)
  • Student Health Center Health Educator
  • 1 representative from Counseling and Psychological Services
  • 1 representative from community substance abuse prevention/treatment field
  • 1 representative from community alcoholic beverage retailers/tavern owners
Committee Head: 
Vacancy Number: