Cassaundra Caudillo

Ursoand his companion Cassie Caudillo, A.S. Public Relations Officer and
Associated Students Office (2nd floor of the University Center building)
Office hours: 
Wed/Fri 1-2pm
Year in School: 

What are some goals you have for the spring 2020 semester?

- Raising the membership in the Public Relations Committee
- Gaining 1,000 followers on Instagram and 200 followers on Twitter
- Having at least 2 students run for every position this Elections season
- Write another resolution, possibly co-authored by one of our funded programs
- Have a smooth transition with my successor

Are there any projects, resolutions, amendments you are/have been working on?

- I am currently waiting for this upcoming Board of Directors meeting on Feb. 14, to (hopefully) get my resolution passed called "An Act to Remove the Performance Bond".
- I am also working with the Politics Club to put on the first A.S. Mock Election that will take place the week before the national primary elections.
- I am working with El Centro and DHSI as well as other board members to host a series of discussion forums that will be open to all HSU students, faculty & staff for them to speak freely about issues on campus and in the community.

Committee Head

A.S. Public Relations Committee
A.S. Elections Commission

Committee Member

Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Committee