Breannah Rueda

Breannah Rueda, Student Affairs Vice President
Associated Students Office (2nd floor of the University Center building)
Office hours: 
Tuesday 1-3pm; Wednesday 11am-12pm
Year in School: 
Political Science

What are some goals you have for the spring 2020 semester?

- increasing student engagement on A.S. Committees
- providing student employees with free meals during a shift
- creating a positive and inclusive environment on campus for ALL students
- work in collaboration with administration and the parking & transportation committee to create a action plan on how to address the lack of parking on campus

Are there any projects, resolutions, amendments you are/have been working on?

- As a member of the Strengthening Committees Task Force, I have worked on creating the A.S. Compensation Package to provide students stipends, c-points, and parking vouchers for becoming a member of an A.S. Committee
- I am currently working on a resolution to solidify these efforts and make it a long lasting program for future students to take advantage of
- Working with our A.S. President & Campus Administration to create a #NoHateInOurHome campaign aimed to provide students a space to feel welcome
- Taking the lead on the parking task force in an effort to revamp and ensure that student voices are not forgotten
- As co-chair of the Grad Pledge Alliance Committee I am working with Alumni Office to create a more involved and complete committee to ensure it operates at full capacity and all students can experience Grad Pledge when they graduate

Anything else you would like your constituents to know?

Feel free to stop by the office anytime to learn more about getting involved or if you have anything you'd like to discuss about campus life. I'd love to meet as many students as possible and do some great work together!

Committee Head

A.S. Graduate Pledge Alliance
A.S. Student Affairs Advisory Committee

Committee Member

A.S. Executive Committee
A.S Funded Programs Committee
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council [DEIC]
University Center Board of Directors