Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Fee

One of the six Category II Fees mandatorily paid by all HSU students
PDF icon HSU Category II Fee Info

Activities eligible for IRA funding are limited to those which:

  • Are discipline / departmentally-based and sponsored
  • Are integrally related to its formal instructional offerings
  • Are intensive, structured activities
  • Reflect active rather than passive student involvement
  • Are considered to be essential to a quality educational program and an
  • important instructional experience
  • Demonstrate skills derived from intensive coursework involvement

Evaluation Criteria used by the committee to determine funding allocations each spring:

  • Educational benefits of the program
  • Identification of student learning outcomes for participants
  • Benefits to student community
  • Number of students benefiting indirectly
  • Number of students participating
  • Overall cultural value to the University
  • Overall educational value to the University
  • Importance to the University as a whole
  • Ratio of past and current student participants to the program cost
  • Costs in comparison to comparable programs at HSU
  • Willingness to attempt to generate income to help support the activity
  • Appropriateness of IRA Fee support as opposed to General Fund support
  • Maximization of program revenue
  • Other sources of funding received by the program area
  • Innovation and new ideas
  • Continuity
  • Cost/benefit ratio

I.R.A. Committee

Duties: Advise the President regarding both level of fee and allocation of fee revenue. Additionally, this committee reviews the intercollegiate athletics budget proposal from the Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Committee prior to its submission to the President. The committee shall work within the confines of the PDF iconcsu_chancellors_executive_order_relating_to_i.r.a.pdf and BA letters of instruction coming from the Chancellor's Office.

Committee Membership

Office / PositionNameDepartment/ OrganizationPhone
Chair / A.S. President (Ex-officio)Yadira CruzAssociated Students
A.S. Administrative Vice President (Ex-officio)Lizbeth Cano SanchezAssociated Students
A.S. Board memberAssociated Students
A.S. Board memberAssociated Students
Student (2 year term)Appointed by Associated Students
FacultyStephen NachtigalArt 5811
FacultyGarrick WoodsMusic5448
Administrator RepresentativeSandy WieckowskiStudent Business Services4937
Administrator RepresentativeVacant
Interim Athletics Director (Ex-officio), non-votingJill WillsonAthletics3667
Dean of Students (Ex-officio), non-votingEboni TurnbowEnrollment Management
A.S. Executive Director (Ex-officio), non-votingJenessa LundAssociated Students5410
Type: Administrative 
Meetings: Weekly during budgetary process
Chair-Associated Students President (or designee)
An equal number of students (five), appointed by the Associated Students President according to established campus procedures, and an equal number of faculty (3) and administration (2) combined (five), appointed by the President of the University after appropriate consultation, for one year terms.
Ex Officio & Nonvoting: Director, Athletics, Associated Students General Manager, Vice President, Student Affairs