2022-23 A.S. Budget and Tax Documents

The Associated Students Government annually calls for and reviews applications for funds from the Student Body Association Fee revenue. This process occurs each spring to establishes the Associated Students (A.S.) budget for the next fiscal year which begins each July and ends the following June. Prospective organizations, budget areas or departments can submit applications.

First the applications are reviewed by the Finance Committee, a small advisory Board of students, who will ask questions of applicants to ultimately form their Recommended Budget.

Then, the Recommended Budget is presented to the full Board of Directors, composed of fifteen voting student members, three non-voting students and two non-voting staff advisors. The Board of Directors will hear appeals to the Recommended Budget from applicants. A Final Recommended Budget will be generated and sent to the Office of the President for final approval. 

The Spring 22 budget has been sent to the Presidents office for approval. 

Q3 Financial Documents 



2021 A.S. Tax Return



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