Sarah Kanga Livingstone

Sarah Kanga Livingstone, CNRS Representative
Associated Students Office (2nd floor of the University Center building)
Office hours: 
Thursday 2-4 PM
Year in School: 
Wildlife Management and Conservation

What's a goal you have as an A.S. Board member?

I want to promote data-driven decision making throughout HSU. 

Where do you call home?

Santa Rosa, CA

What other areas of campus are you involved with?

  • President of the PC Gaming Club
  • Vice President of the Zoology Club
  • Data-analyst at OIE [Office of Institutional Effectiveness]

What are your hobbies? 

I play League of Legends competitively, go bird watching on the weekends, and sketch the world around me. 

What's your favorite movie/show at the moment?

I have been watching Miraculous Ladybug on Netflix!