Jenessa Lund

Jenessa Lund
(707) 826-5410
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The Associated Students Executive Director serves under the ultimate direction of the Associated Students (A.S.) Board. The Executive Director serves as a non-voting member and advisor to the A.S. Board and will be responsible for working cooperatively with the A.S. Board. The Executive Director is responsible for overall operations of the A.S., ensures that the A.S. mission is carried out according to A.S. policy, campus directives, CSU policies, and other related regulations and laws. The Executive Director is charged with the management of monies pursuant HSU and CSU regulatory requirements and with recommending changes in policies and procedures to the A.S. Board needed. The Executive Director serves as a liaison between the A.S. and other University leadership. The Executive Director also serves to develop continuity and cohesion within the A.S. to facilitate timely and efficient transition for student administrations to ensure that A.S. maintains it leadership position on campus.

Committee Advisor

A.S. Executive Committee
A.S. Finance Committee
Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC)
Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Committee