Gabrielle Grace Smith

Gabrielle Grace Smith, Environmental Sustainability Officer
Associated Students Office (2nd floor of the University Center building)
Office hours: 
Thursday 11am-1pm
Year in School: 
Environmental Studies Major; Music and Appropriate Tech. Minors

What are some goals you have for the spring 2020 semester?

Creating Earth Week and a County Wide Climate Conference within the week.

Are there any projects, resolutions, amendments you are/have been working on?

I am working on two resolutions: Ban Single Use Plastic on Campus; Zero Net Tree Loss on Campus.

Anything else you would like your constituents to know?

People before profit. I am here to bring humility to HSU and I am want to do this by facilitating student proposed projects which incorporate social justice as well as environmental soundness. I have trust that HSU is a place of change for the better. Together, I know we can shape our school into a place that a diversity of students can feel safe to create actions which bond together the polarities of society, nature, and economy.

Committee Head

A.S. Earth Week Every Week Committee
A.S. Graduate Pledge Alliance

Committee Member

A.S. Executive Committee
Humboldt Energy Independence Fund (HEIF)