How to File for Candidacy

To get your Elections packet, please...

  1. Fill out the Google Form "2020 A.S. Elections: Intent to File For Candidacy"

  2. Upon form submission, allow up to one business day for the office to email you the proper Elections Packet for the position in which you are filing for

 Basic Packet Materials candidates receive are..

    1. Updated Mandatory Documents 

      1. Agreement Notes 
      2. Voter's Guide Statement (Instructions provided)
      3. Candidate Photo (guidelines provided)
    2. Updated Informational

      1. A.S. Announcement RE: New Elections Timeline
      2. A.S. Constitution: explains the organiztion's mission (purpose, values, committments), composition and structure
      3. A.S. Elections Code with Noted Changes: explains the rules of Elections for both the candidate and organization; candidates must abide by the elections code to remain eligible for office
      4. Minimum Academic Qualifications Policy - must be met to be a candidate for any student office
      5. 2019-20 Board Meeting Schedule & Zoom Meeting Details: so potential candidates can attend this year's Board meetings
      6. 2020-21 Academic CalendarProposed Board Meeting Schedule for 2020-21: to help vision next academic year in conjunction with the proposed Board meeting schedule
    3. Updated Guidelines to publicize yourself!

      1. A.S. Candidate Q&A Instructions
      2. Guidelines for A.S. Candidate Speeches
      3. Guidelines for A.S. Candidate Photos

Currently, to begin filing, please email and CC with the statement and photo. An E-agreement is being set up to acknlowedge the Elections Agreement.