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Committees are a great way for students to become involved with AS.

The Associated Students publishes the annual AS Committee Handbook which provides potential student leaders with detailed information on all university committees.

Opportunities are available to all students. Applications for committee vacancies are accepted and appointments are made throughout the academic year.

Become an AS Board member

AS Board of Directors Application

As an AS Board member and you could gain leadership skills as you help your fellow students.

You educate the campus community on many of the issues students deal with every day. You advocate for students and student groups as you protect their rights and interests. You allocate student fee dollars that benefit students and stimulate the educational, social, physical, and cultural well-being of the University community. To apply: submit a cover letter and resume using the following link. If you would like to visit the office, we are located on the second floor of the University Center. 

Current Executive Openings

There are no open Executive positions.

Current Board of Director Openings

College of Professional Studies Representative - Represents all College of Professional Studies majors.

The A.S. Board members are the legislative branch of the Associated Students Membership on the A.S. Board of Directors and consists of nine representatives. Six College representatives (Two from each university college), two At-Large Representatives and one Graduate Representative. The Representatives are voting members of the A.S., must serve on one university or Associated Students Committee and serve as a liaison to an AS funded program. 

Students must meet the following requirements to serve on the AS Board of Directors.

For Undergraduates:

  • Be a current HSU student with a minimum of nine units for the current semester.
  • Have a cumulative and current semester 2.3 GPA
  • Successfully completed twelve semester units at HSU within the 12 months preceding this semester.
  • No more than 132 cumulative units or 125 percent of the units required for a specific baccalaureate degree.

For Post-Baccalaureate Students:

  • Maintain six units per semester
  • Cumulative and semester 3.0 GPA
  • No more than 50 cumulative units or 125 percent of the units required for a specific baccalaureate degree.