The Elections Commission met Thursday, April 18, in Nelson Hall East at 5PM and made a recommendation to the AS Board to RESET AS Elections to be held Tuesday, April 23-Thursday, April 25.

This reset will go to official vote with the AS Board of Directors at their 3-6PM meeting on Monday, April 22. This announcement will be updated with the official action.

We apologize for the inconvenience to the Association- voters and candidates alike.

To be recognized as a candidate, students will need to complete and return the following to the A.S. Office by Tuesday, April 2, 2019, at 2:50 p.m.:
  • election agreement,
  • petition, and
  • candidate statement
And have their $15 Refundable Performance Bonds paid to the Cashier's Office (SBS 285) by noon on April 2, 2019.
You could also pay here:
Show your receipt at the Mandatory Candidate's Meeting.

 PDF icon2019_elections_-_memo.pdf

 Elections Memo: A concise explanation of Elections, what's included in the Elections packet, lists the positions open for candidacy

PDF icon2019_elections_-_timeline.pdf

 Elections Timeline

PDF icon2019_elections_-_constitution_incl._position_descriptions.pdf

A.S. Constitution: States the Associated Students of HSU's...
Article I - Name, Mission and Purpose, and Membership
Article II - Definition of the Term “Officer”, Officer Liability, Vacancies and Succession
Article III - Composition of the A.S. Board of Directors
Article IV - Executive Officers
Article V - Representatives
Article VI - Term of Office
Article VII - Meetings
Article VIII - Budget
Article IX - Associated Students Executive Director
Article X - Elections, Elections Commission and Elections Procedures
Article XI - Initiatives
Article XII - Recalls
Article XIII - Enabling and Amendments
Article XIV - Indemnification

PDF icon2019_elections_-_elections_code.pdf

A.S. Elections Code: Delineates all things elections
Section 1 - Purpose and Authority
Section 2 - Amendments
Section 3 - Elections Commission Powers and Duties
Section 4 - Election Staff
Section 5 - Minimum Qualifications for Office Holders
Section 6 - General Elections - Filing for Candidacy
Section 7 - Write-in Candidates-Filing for Candidacy
Section 8 - Elections - Performance Bond
Section 9 - Elections - Withdrawal
Section 10 - Campaign Conduct and Responsibility - General Policies
Section 11 - Campaign Conduct and Responsibility - Publicity
Section 12 - Campaign Finances
Section 13 - General Elections
Section 14 - Special Elections
Section 15 - Ranked Choice Voting Policies and Procedures
Section 16 - Ballot
Section 17 - Policies and Procedures Regarding Elections Code Violations
Section 18 - Initiatives
Section 19 - Recalls
Section 20 - Constitution Enabling and Amendments

PDF icon2019_elections_-_minimum_qualifications.pdf

 Executive Memorandum P13-01: mentioned in Section 5 - Minimum Qualifications for Office Holders

PDF icon2019_elections_-_candidate_quad_talk.pdf

Candidate Quad Talks: These are the guidelines for April 11, Noon-1PM and April 16, Noon-1PM. Candidates will have the opportunity to speak to their candidacy and why HSU students should vote for them. Students will be able to ask questions of the candidates as well.

PDF icon2019_elections_-_posting_information.pdf

 Posting Information: Candidates must adhere to the posting policies of of Elections and the University.


PDF icon2019_elections_-_checklist.pdf

 Elections Checklist



The elections agreement must be turned in to the Associated Students Office by 2:50 PM on April 2.

Candidate Statement Instructions: Write a <500 word Candidate statement based off these instructions. Email thw statement and bring in a hard copy. It will go into the A.S. Voter's Guide and other promotional materials

  • Petitions- get the number of signatures required for the position you're running for:

PDF icon2019_elections_-_petition_for_at-large_representative.pdf

A.S. At-Large representatives shall be nominated by petition signed by fifty (50) members of the Association.

PDF icon2019_elections_-_petition_for_college_representative_position.pdf

A.S. college-specific representatives shall be nominated by petitions signed by fifty (50) members of the Association within the college they are representing.

PDF icon2019_elections_-_petition_for_executive_members.pdf

A.S. President, A.S. Legislative Vice President, A.S. Administrative Vice President and A.S. Student Affairs Vice President shall be nominated by petitions signed by one-hundred and fifty (150) members of the Association.

PDF icon2019_elections_-_petition_for_graduate_representative_position.pdf

The Graduate Student Representative shall be nominated by petitions signed by twenty (20) members of the Association who are Graduate Students.

PDF icon2019_elections_-_executive_officer_members_petition.pdf

The Officer of Social Justice & Equity and the Environmental Sustainability Officer shall be nominated by petitions signed by one hundred (100) members of the Association.