Articles of Impeachment in Reference to Jason Robo, Legislative Vice President

Resolution Details: 

AUTHORED BY: Ryan Guy- Vice Chair, CAHSS Representative

SIGNED BY: Tiffany Newton- CAHSS Representative
Tyler Smith- CNRS Representative

APPROVED: 3-12-2008


Subject: Articles of Impeachment in Reference to Jason Robo, Legislative Vice President(The Chair)

AS Government Code 8.02(a) Continuous failure to attend Council meetings

Regularly misses council meetings and/or portions thereof (Section 3.02)

o January 30th, 2008; The Chair left AS meeting to host a Focus the Nation Workshop in which he selected the time for the workshop to be held. The Chair left approximately 1/3 of the way through the meeting and handed off chairmanship to AS Vice-Chair, Ryan Guy; who then had to leave before the meeting was concluded and chairmanship was at this point handed over to Tiffany Newton who concluded the meeting. Three chairs were utilized in one meeting demonstrating a lack of professionalism and poor planning on the part of the Chair in regards to the expedience and organization of governance of the meeting. o February 13th, 2008; late to meeting and left early, Vice-Chair facilitated meeting.

o February 27th, 2008: Started meeting on time, gave his report basically saying he would be missing the entire meeting, handed off duties of Chair to the Vice-Chair and then left and did in fact miss the entire meeting. NOTE: This was the first meeting where The Chair expressed that he had a class conflict with meeting times. (See section 8.02g for explanation on missed meetings)

AS Government Code 8.02(b) Continuous failure to report to council;

Failure to make timely appointments to committees:

DaVonna Foy (In reference to February 27th and February 13th meetings)

Failure to appoint to A.S. Campus/Community Service Scholarship Committee even though the application was turned in on January 30th (The Chair did not make this appointment for the next 2 AS meetings)

Failure to process application in a timely manner as such an interview could not be conducted before appointment.

Steven Dimon

Failure to appoint to A.S. Elections Commission even though the application was turned in on January 30th.

Failure to enforce conduct and attendance requirements of meetings as per Section 7.03.

Failure to make and give adequate reports on what activities he is currently undertaking on behalf of Associated Students.

AS Government Code 8.02(c) Continuous misuse of executive power;

Using executive title when engaging in non-associated students business

'Public Comment' sections of Arcata City Council where The Chair has used his title not in accordance with Associated Students actions, current policies, or without proper consultation with Associated Student Council.

December 19, 2007

October 17, 2007

October 3, 2007

Use of Associated Students office and supplies for non-A.S. business

o The legislative V.P. has continually interfered with the ability of the C.S.S.A. representatives to conduct AS business during their official office hours.

Holding 'club' meetings within the A.S. office particularly in the Legislative Affairs/C.S.S.A. office.

Hindering efficient operations within the CSSA and Legislative VP office by allowing or condoning computer operations that have slowed the business and use of the new CSSA/Leg VP computer.

o The Chair has excessively used the A.S. phone to conduct non-A.S. business on numerous occasions.

o The Chair has excessively made photocopies and used the AS fax machine for non-Associated Student business.

Governmental code 10.6 in reference to Standing Rules Section I. H: "That all members are expected to comport themselves in accordance with the respectful attitude necessary to conduct business meetings."

Showed blatant disrespect for council, presenters, and guests of AS at the February 27th, 2008 meeting. At this time Robo conducted himself in an unprofessional manner unbecoming of an Officer of an Auxiliary Organization. His behavior was hostile and aggressive, choosing to talk over people and not respect the rules of order which it is his duty to not only respect and uphold, but to also set an example for the rest of council in regards to how AS meeting are intended to be conducted. His behavior reflected poorly on AS as a whole and hence is damaging to the organization.

o The Chair made derogatory comments to C.S.S.A. representative Rachel Rodriguez, when questioned during his chair report on February 27, 2008.

o The Chair continually and habitually disrespects university officials during both meetings and phone conversations. For example; at the January 23rd meeting The Chair was rude and disrespectful to Dr. Steven Butler, Vice President of Student Affairs during his public comment report on the state-wide budget situation.

AS Government Code 8.02(d) Overstepping the bounds of their office without the advice or consent of Council;

The Chair has used his notoriety as an A.S. official to make derogatory comments as to the conduct and reputation of Terra Rentz, A.S. President; Rob Christensen, A.S. Secretary; and the Associated Students organization as a whole. This has been done without prior notice being given the above mentioned parties to defend and counterpoint his allegations.

The Chair has routinely been disrespectful and intimidating to Humboldt State University Staff. Most notably the staff in Student Affairs and Academic Affairs to the extent that these individuals have become hesitant to work with the association which has in turn negatively impacted Council's ability to conduct business. For Example; in Fall semester The Chair, without prior notification, brandished a video camera and "stuck it in the face" of Kate Stroup, Administrative Assistant, in an effort to document her response to questioning. In addition, during Parents Weekend Associated Students received hesitation in allowing a parent's pledge table due to fears by staff within Student Life that The Chair would be present and unprofessional.

äó¢íó_äó¢íó_ The Chair routinely disrespects one of the highest priority committees on this campus, Academic Senate, in which he is responsible for representing Associated Students. By not following Standing Rules Section I. H he has shown disrespect to the Academic Senate Chair to and Academic Senate members by not following Parliamentary Procedure, by not speaking within time limits set by the chair, and by publicly insulting members of the board.

AS Government Code 8.02(e) Continuous failure to attend assigned committee meetings;

The Chair has missed every meeting of the University Curriculum Committee for the spring 2008 semester (5 meetings total) and the majority of all U.C. C. Meetings for the 2007-2008 school year. (Has missed 7 out of 12 meetings of the U.C.C. for 2007-2008)

o September 4, 2007
o November 27, 2007
o February 5, 2007
o February 12, 2008
o February 19, 2008
o February 26, 2008
o March 4, 2008

The Chair has missed all of the Student Health Center Advisory Committee meetings for both the Fall and Spring semester.
October 15th
October 29th
November 26th
February 1st
March 7th

AS Government Code 8.02(g) Undue interference in Council's implementing its decisions;

Decided to cancel AS Council meeting on February 27th, 2008 and reschedule meeting without the consent of council. This cancellation was not in accordance with the Gloria Romero Open Meeting Act. This caused confusion and resulted in one of our members not attending the meeting.

The Chair set a Special Meeting on March 3rd. This action on the part of the Chair disbarred many members from having the opportunity to discuss new scheduling as a result of the Legislative V.P.'s decision to schedule a class during set council meeting times.

NOTE: Legislative V.P. chaired the meeting on December 10, 2007 during which the change in meeting dates and times was voted on and approved unanimously by council.

Ryan Guy*
Vice Chair

Tyler Smith*
CNRS Representative

Tiffany Newton* CAHSS Representative

*Original Signatures on file in the Associated Students Office