Sub-Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Associated Students Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee’s (ASDEIC) charge is to engage students at Humboldt State University using principles of shared governance in ongoing critical examination and reflection needed to make essential changes in the academic policies, practices, and behaviors that result in inequity, exclusion, and social injustices at HSU.

ASDEIC will be responsible for coordinating public forums for marginalized students to voice their concerns and provide feedback on campus issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion. A detailed report of the forum’s findings will be created by the committee through the use of a task force and submitted to the Associated Students President, the ODEI, and made public.

ASDEIC will regularly examine the professional development content being provided to students to ensure it reflects the values of diversity, equity and inclusion. The Committee will make recommendations about changes to content in reports sent to the Executive Committee.

ASDEIC will begin with 2 subcommittees. Subcommittees may be added, altered or removed at any point by vote. Subcommittees will provide semesterly reports of their projects and progress to ASDEIC which will then travel out to the students in collaboration with ODEI.

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ASDEIC will have the following subcommittees:

  1. Inclusive and Diverse Education
    1. Combating Campus Anti-blackness Working Group
    2. Developing Decolonized Institutions Working Group
  2. Professional Development and Enrichment

ASDEIC will partner with the ODEI on projects to:

  • Keep the campus up to date on current events regarding diversity, equity and inclusion;
  • Inform students and staff how they can participate in such projects;
  • Ensure continuity between faculty and staff perceptions of student need and student need;
  • Engage in thoughtful examinations of academic policies, practices, and behaviors to ensure they’re meeting the standards of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


  • A.S. Social Justice and Equity Officer (Chair)
  • A.S. Student Affairs Vice President
  • A.S. Environment and Sustainability Officer
  • Learning Center Student Representative
  • ODEI Student Representative
  • Project Rebound Student Representative
  • SDRC Student Representative
  • SJEIC Student Representative
  • VETS Student Representative
  • Student Representative from each CCAE
    • AACAE Student Representative
    • ADPIC Student Representative (pending ADPIC institutionalization as a CCAE)
    • ITEPP Student Representative
    • LCAE Student Representative
  • 3 Students of the Association
    • Appointed by the Social Justice and Equity Officer
    • Appointed by the Student Affairs Vice President
    • Appointed by the Environmental Sustainability Officer

A student representative will always be preferred from administrative and staff departments. Student representatives will either be a student employed by or appointed by the corresponding department or office. When no student is present or available for appointment, a non-student staff member will be sufficient in the interim. Non-student staff members on the committee will serve as an advisory role and not have voting power.
Centers and administrative departments will be responsible for choosing their representative and for any vetting, interviewing, or decision-making this entails.

Organizational Chart for the Associated Students Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee aka ASDEIC with branches of members funneling up into a collaborative newsletter with the President's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council



Committee Head: 
  • A.S. Social Justice & Equity Officer, TBD
Committee Advisor: 
  • TBD
Committee Members: 
  • Chase Marcum, A.S. Student Affairs Vice President,
  • Zeen Vincent, A.S. Environmental Sustainability Officer
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