ASPresents Committee

Charge: To create a comprehensive, diverse variety of events and programs for all students, including concerts, epical events, films lectures, recreation trips, comedy, dance, etc.; to develop an Empowerment Series of training, lectures and events to develop student advocacy skills.

Chair: ASPresents Representative

  • 2 students appointed by A.S. President
  • 1 student appointed by A.S. Legislative Vice President
  • 2 students appointed by A.S. Student Affairs Vice President
  • ASPresents Advisor (non-voting)
Committee Head: 
  • Flow Lemus - ASPresents Representative
Committee Members: 
  • Amal Amoora - Student
  • Victoria Ramirez - Student
  • Iliana Badilla - Student
  • Rebecca Quinones - Student
  • Madalyn Hon - Student

All member positions are filled.