Disability, Access, and Compliance Committee

Charge: To assist in the evaluation of current campus policies and procedures relating to students with disabilities; develop prioritized plans relating to programs and services for students with disabilities; review barrier removal priorities as specified in the State University Administrators Manual (SUAM); and to develop timelines. (See Executive Memorandum P03-07)

Chair:   Appointed by the HSU President from the committee (2-year term)



  • A.S. Social Justice and Equity Officer (or designee)
  • 2 students (who have experience with disabilities), appointed by the A.S. Student Affairs Vice President
  • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee)
  • Director, Student Disability Resource Center
  • 2 faculty, appointed by the Senate Appointments Committee (at least one who has experience with disabilities (2-year staggered terms)
  • Director, Diversity and Compliance Services
  • Chief Information Officer (or designee)
  • Director, Facilities Management (or designee)
  • Director, Fiscal Affairs (or designee)
Committee Members: 
Vacancy Number: