2020 Updated Timeline

March 3rd - April 16thUPDATED! Candidate Filing Period
During this window, students who meet the Minimum Qualifications can download an Elections Packets from a webpage that's coming today!
Thursday, April 16th at 5pmUPDATED! Candidate Filing Deadline 
All candidates who intend to be have their name included on the ballot will submit the Google Form “File to be an A.S. Candidate” which has the candidate acknowledge the Updated Elections Agreement, attach file of a 500-word-or-less Candidate Statement, a Candidate Photo (PNG, JPEG, or JPG)
Thursday, April 16th & Friday, April 17thUPDATED! Candidate Orientations
Candidate Orientations will be held via Zoom. Candidates are required to Zoom into one of the Orientations. Times are planned to have one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Dates will be updated here. 
April 16th-April 23rdUPDATED! Write-in Candidate Filing Period
During this time period, candidates who file will not have their name appear on the ballot and will need to campaign to have students "Write-in" their name on the ballot. NOTE: all Write-in candidates must complete the same forms as candidates who will appear on the ballot
Thursday, April 23rd at 5pmUPDATED! Write-in Candidate Deadline
All candidates who intend to be eligible to receive "write-in" votes will submit the Google Form “File to be an A.S. Candidate” which has the candidate acknowledge the Updated Elections Agreement, attach file of a 500-word-or-less Candidate Statement, a Candidate Photo (PNG, JPEG, or JPG)
To be determined

Candidate Q & A
Due to the recent campus notices on events, the Elections Commission will be designing a virtual alternative for voters to get to know their candidates

Monday, April 27th-Friday, May 1stUPDATED! Voting Period
Students will receive a link to vote in the @humboldt.edu emails once/day until they vote. Click into the link to vote for Executive Officers, At-large Representatives and their College's Representatives.
by Monday, May 4thUPDATED! Unofficial Results Announced
Friday, May 8thUPDATED! Results Ratified by the Board of Directors
Friday, May 8thTransitional Board Meetings
At 5pm, the 2019-20 Board of Directors will convene to appoint the members of the 2020-21 Board of Directors. After final business of 2019-20 adjourns, the 2020-21 Board will convene their first meeting and establish the 2020-21 Standing Meeting Rules & Meeting Schedule

At the Board meeting on Friday, March 27th the Board of Directors approved of proposed one-time changes in response to COVID-19 to the Elections Timeline and Requirements, including:

  • a waiver of the "in office" packet pick up so they can be distributed online
  • a waiver of wet signatures for contracts and acknowledgements so these can be "signed" online 
  • an extension of the filing period from March 30th to April 16th,
  • a waiver of the petition requirement for filing as social distancing will not allow candidates to safely collect signatures,
  • an expansion of the voting period from three to five days to increase the electorate's opportunity to vote without on-campus notices,
  • a shift of the voting period from April 14th-16th to be April 27th–May 1st to align with the adjusted candidate filing period

Alterations in Response to COVID-19

In response to the current COVID-19 situation, the Board approved adjustments to the 2020 Elections timeline and requirements on Friday, March 27th

  • Announcements (staking, newspaper publications, flyers): Will be distributed via the @hsu_as Instagram account and online on this A.S. website, at the Lumberjack, and El leñador
  • Voter's Guide: We are working with the Lumberjack Newspaper to insert an edition of the Voter's Guide into the final printed edition of the Lumberjack to be released by mid-late April
  • Petition Signatures: The requirement for petition signatures was waived for this year by the Board of Directors to align with social distancing protocols 
  • Election Packet Pick-up has become Download: Please email hsuas@humboldt.edu to request electronic version of the Elections Packet materials.
  • "Filing for Candidacy" or Election Packet SubmissionA Google Form is being set up to intake all the required elections materials, where individuals can officially file to be a candidate

Any Questions Regarding Elections?

Email Cassie, the A.S. Elections Commissioner at cvc17@humboldt.edu and CC the A.S. Board Coordinator casey@humboldt.edu.