2020-21 A.S. Operating Budget

See the PDF icon 2020-21 Budget that has been reviewed and approved by the Office of the President. 



Area Granted Funding

2020-21 Budget Request2020-21 Approved BudgetFunding granted for...
Associated Students Government, External Affairs and Legal Lounge$137,242$110,405travel for CSSA and Lobby Corps, committee compensation for non-board members, Legal Lounge project awards, scholarships, training, elections, supplies, and stipends
A.S. General Operations$397,256$294,550two professional staff, payment to HSU for Business Service Management Agreement, aduit fees,telecommunication costs, office supplies, attorney fees, insurance, bank charges, and printing
A.S. Collaborative Fund$100,000$45,500to collaboratively support campus programming such as a Block Party, Homecoming, Fall Comedian, Spring Concert and Thursday Night Depot shows.
A.S. Club Grants$36,000$108,127so club leaders may continue to plan viewpoint neutral social and educational programming. Club leaders will have the opportunity to request project stipends in their grant applications, to compensate the project leaders for the time they dedicate to each event
Note: $92,077 are available for application via the Grants Request Form and $13,350 are earmarked for certain events
CCAT, the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology$59,520$41,420student wages
Children's Center$36,910$6,500student wages

HSU OhSNAP! Campus Food Security Program


$10,000food for students
Marching Lumberjacks$4,000$4,000musical equipment
Office of Student Life$25,480$14,040student wages, supplies for recognized student organizations, and movie rights for clubs who want to host movie nights.
Social Justice, Equity & Inclusion Center$53,350$13,000student wages
Sport Club (Recreational Sports)$33,000$26,000a Coordinator, club travel and team registrations
SAG, the Student Access Galleries$12,174$9,910student wages and student art receptions
WRRAP, the Waste Reduction & Resource Awareness Program$61,654$28,500student wages and supplies
Youth Educational Services$10,380$5,200leadership retreat

The A.S. received requests for budget from 23 different areas of campus, totaling $1,223,352

Areas that were not granted any funding are listed below with their total request:

Applicant2020-21 Budget RequestRequested for...
ASPresents through CenterArts$100,000Artist fees, student wages, CenterArts fee to A.S., supplies, equipment, rental fees, catering, graphics, printing
Asian, Desi, Pacific Islander Center [ADPIC]$100,660Programming, events, student wages,office supplies, computers, furniture, printer, telecommunications fees
Drop-In Recreation Swim Program (Pool hours)$35,640student wages
Drop-In Activities/Sports$4,217student wages
Eric Rofes Multicultural Queer Resource Center [ERC]$20,935student wages, supplies, programming
Humboldt International Film Festival [HIFF]$7,800student wages
Scholars Without Borders [SWB]$29,610student wages, educational awards, programming
Veterans Enrollment & Transition Services [VETS]$7,800student wages
Womxn's Resource Center [WRC]$39,724student wages, publication, supplies, programming

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