Yadira Cruz


Candidate Statement:

My name is Yadira Cruz and I’m running for A.S. President. I was born and raised in East Los Angeles. I’m majoring in Criminology and Justice Studies with a minor in Ethnic Studies. I am part of the Criminology and Justice Studies club, the Honor Society Alpha Kappa Delta, and part of the Presidential Search Committee, serving as a representative of all HSU students. If elected, I will advocate for all students of color by addressing the issues that directly impact us like safety on and off campus, while also being critical to the intersectional ways these issues are experienced across the student body, like food and housing insecurity. I will work hard to set up more effective means of dialogue between students and university administration. Campus discussions should not only occur in times of crisis; we need consistent communication and follow through. When students are called upon to share our thoughts there must be action on the part of university administration. In the three years I have been at HSU there has been unproductive discussion followed by a lack of direct action to address students’ needs. I have prior experience in community organizing and working on and off campus in the surrounding communities. I will dedicate my time to tackling student homelessness and the disconnect between community and campus. I am running for this position because if students want to make institutional changes, we cannot rely solely on the institution to provide those changes for us; as students we must rely on each other and form solid coalitions. If elected, I will hold this position with compassion and integrity. Thank you.

Yadira Cruz
Criminology & Justice Studies

Committee Head

Associated Students Executive Committee
Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Committee
Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC)

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Associated Students Board of Finance
University Center Board of Directors
University Senate Faculty Affairs Committee
University Senate
University Senate Resources and Planning Committee
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