William Weinberg

College of Natural Resources & Sciences Representative

Candidate Statement:

I transferred to Humboldt State two years ago and I am currently working towards a forestry degree with a restoration concentration. Throughout these past two years I have built relationships with many peers throughout the CNRS, and hope to make more connections before graduation.

Getting the most out of college is important and, to me, that means helping out wherever and whenever I can. From my time as the Natural Resources Club secretary, I have been able to spend my weekends doing ecological restoration work. In the past, I have tutored fellow students, and in my free-time I’m currently coaching high school students in plant identification. I see this opportunity as another way to assist my fellow CNRS students in their academic and professional pursuits. Our advisors are there for us and are meant to ensure we get the most of our education and extracurriculars at Humboldt State, I firmly believe the same is true for our representatives.

As your representative, I will strive to interact with as many you as possible because hearing the diversity of voices and views held by my classmates matters a lot to me. Similarly, I will also work to promote camaraderie between the many departments within the CNRS as most of us will be working side-by-side after college. You all have a voice and deserve to be heard, and I will always be more than happy to listen. Thank you, and I look forward to being your next College of Natural Resources & Sciences representative.

William Weinberg