Tzveta Stomienova

Social Justice and Equity Officer

My name is Tzveta Stoimenova and I’m applying for re-election to the position of Social Justice and Equity Officer on the AS Board of Directors. I am currently in my Junior year as a Critical Race, Gender, Sexuality major with Multicultural Queer Studies emphasis. I went into this field of study because one of my core values is ensuring the comfort and safety of all those around me. This is something I strive for everyday and have strived for my whole life. Now that I am a member of a larger institution whose ideals fall closely in line with mine, I feel as though I can expand the scope of my care, attention, and efforts. Holding the position of Social Justice and Equity Officer has allowed me to make a genuine impact on the larger HSU community, not just on those who I interact with on a day to day basis. This position has also allowed me the chance to take the ideas and methodologies I study in my CRGS classes and apply them to real actions.

I already have implemented innovative projects for the future of a more inclusive HSU, such as providing free tampons and pads across campus through my Period Project. I am absolutely committed to serving the students of HSU and would love the chance to represent my peers and department. I recognize that I will be representing a myriad of marginalized groups to which I do not belong but I will utilize the counsel of individuals in my department and my education in CRGS to ensure that I am not perpetuating oppressive ideologies and truly being the social justice advocate that HSU needs. I am a dedicated student who genuinely believes in the possibility of a more inclusive HSU that serves the diverse needs of all students. As the Social Justice and Equity Officer of the AS Board of Directors I would continue to do my utmost to ensure these goals are met and uphold the standards and reputation of our institution.


Tzveta Stomienova
Year in School: 
Critical Race, Gender, Sexuality

Committee Member

Associated Students Executive Committee
Diversity & Inclusion Campus Advisory Council
Diversity Program Funding Committee