Sarah Kanga Livingstone

College of Natural Resources & Sciences Representative

As your College of Natural Resources and Sciences (CNRS) representative, I will be your Associated Students liaison with the rest of the student body, to yourself, as a student of the Sciences, Mathematics, Geography, or Environmental Sciences majors. I am a Junior studying Wildlife Management and Conservation. I have taken classes within CNRS and been able to get to know many of you.

            I am an active member of the Residence Housing Association, having acted as a board member for the past year and a half, and the other leadership committees that it offers. I have experience with taking upper division classes as a Junior, and completing my GEs for the most part and can relate to the difficulty of these classes and can share my own experiences with you.

            I am active with the current discussions between administration, faculty, and students, and I believe my voice can be used as a moderation during such discussions and to speak up for students to convey your message. Ultimately I will help change Humboldt State to help students. There needs to be more communication on an administrative level to help students especially in regard to academics. As a Science major, you have undertaken a challenging endeavor to complete a degree that will be difficult every step of the way. Miscommunications from administration should not be another worry for you. As your representative in this coming school year, I want you to communicate your needs with me. If you have issues in your classes or with your scheduling, I will help you with locating the resources needed to help you succeed.

            I want to improve student retention rates, having once considered dropping out due to the overwhelmingness of college and my classes. One of my friends who is in the Wildlife Department and is graduating soon, had a sit-down conversation with me about why I really want to be here, getting a degree in conservation. It made me realize that Humboldt State University is special to me, and remember for what reasons I choose to come here in the first place. I want to encourage you to reach out to me as a resource to help you succeed in your major, no matter your major, or which courses of sciences you wish to become involved in.

Thank you for considering me, Sarah Kanga Livingstone, as your Associated Students College of Natural Resources and Sciences Representative.