Malluli Cuellar

Social Justice and Equity Officer

My name is Malluli Cuéllar, phonetically it’s my-yoo-lee kway-yar, and I am running for Associated Students to push the student experience to the forefront. I currently sit on the executive board of the housing council, Canyon Crew, as the treasurer and social media coordinator. My job as an executive board officer has been first and foremost to be a representative for the resident voice and their needs. Apart from organizing events for the enjoyment of our residents, I am proud of our menstrual product philanthropic project. As a council, we have been diligently working on providing both mainstream brand, organic, and reusable menstrual products (pads, tampons, and panty liners) for our residents. My work for Canyon Crew has predominantly been focused on the Canyon residence halls, but I hope to expand onto campus-wide change and improvement through Associated Students. The student population actively pays fees to attend this institution and I believe that those funds must be used in a manner that represents our needs. The institution must serve us. The Associated Students 2019 General Elections slogan has been, “The student voice is endangered. Run for office to protect it.” and that is precisely what I plan on doing. I am from a city located approximately 50 minutes away from Los Angeles by the name of Riverside, and approximately 80.25% of our student population doesn’t identify as locals. The culture that Arcata holds can be incomprehensibly different from that of the place we all respectively call home. A significant aspect of building a quality student experience here at Humboldt is building a sense of community amongst our students. I value inclusivity highly and I will be using my position as a resident advisor and preview plus host to build a sense of community within the housing department, but I hope to build a home away from home with all of the students attending Humboldt. This “home” I strive to build will be safer, inclusive, and resourceful. We deserve secure housing options, a housing market that does not reap the benefits of the current monopoly found within off-campus housing options, health services we are not dissuaded from using such as STD testing (even if we haven’t shown any symptoms), and a campus where we feel safe walking from one end to the other. The first step is to voice that we do indeed believe we deserve such things. Allow me to be this voice porque querer es poder (where there’s a will there’s a way).

Malluli Cuellar
Political Science

Committee Member

Disability, Access, and Compliance Committee
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council (DEIC)
Diversity & Equity Grants Committee
Associated Students Executive Committee