Maddie Halloran

Graduate Representative

Member of the College of Natural Resources Strategic Planning Committee


Candidate Statement:

Hello! My name is Maddie Halloran and I am the current graduate representative for the Associated Students Board of Directors. This position was vacant at the beginning of the spring semester, so I applied in mid-January and was appointed to the Board shortly thereafter. The graduate rep position has frequently been open or only filled for small periods of time for the last several years. I believe this is largely due to the short tenure of graduate students on campus, which is typically 2-3 years (relative to an undergraduate student who spends four or more years here). I wanted to  serve as the A.S. graduate representative because I felt that it was important for graduate students to have a voice in our student government. I have noticed that graduate students are frequently disconnected from the campus at large – we are generally older than the typical undergrad and therefore our priorities and interests frequently lie outside of the main campus and its programming. However, the HSU graduate programs bring crucial funding and support to our school, and graduate students provide valuable services on campus as graders, TAs, and research assistants. I believe that having consistent graduate representation on this board is crucial for the well-being of all students at HSU.

I was involved with my high school’s student government for two years, first as the sophomore class treasurer and then as the senior class president. I have always enjoyed working in groups and facilitating collaboration, and I’m excited to bring my organizational skills to this board. So far in this position I have served on the College of Natural Resources Strategic Planning Committee, started the preliminary work for an alternative waste stream recycling program on campus, and worked with my fellow board members to approve next year’s budget for A.S. programs during a very challenging financial time at our school. These financial challenges won’t disappear next year, and I have worked hard to educate myself on how budgeting processes operate at the program, college, and university levels, as well as push for more involvement of the student body in solving large-scale issues at HSU. I’m excited to work on improving communication between students and the administration, and to continue serving all students as a representative for the coming year.

Thank you for your time!

Sincerely, Maddie Halloran

Maddie Halloran
Office hours: 
Fridays 9-11am
Year in School: 
Graduate Student
Fisheries Biology