Liz Cano Sanchez

Administrative Vice President

Candidate Statement:

In my opinion, everything we begin to do can be best described by the word opportunity.
The opportunity to be accepted into college, to obtain a job, or to even to be believed in. That is
what I would bring to you; the opportunity to see a change in our University’s leading demographics. I want to be able to give you the opportunity to feel comfortable when it comes to approaching the Associated Students when you have an issue you want to bring up or an exciting proposition you would like to set in place. Therefore, that is also why I ask of you to allow me to be a future representative for you and our community. I want to integrate more diversity in order to be able to serve everyone’s voice on campus. I would also like to inform future generations of what AS can do for them and the resources we offer. 

In addition to my previous goals, my main end goal is to be able to provide programs with as much financial help as they will need for the upcoming semesters. I want to strengthen the connection between all programs and AS. The experience that I count on to help me achieve my goals began in middle school when I was part of the Assembled Student Body and one of the three leaders that helped put the schools year book together. In my most recent years, I have served my high school by being a three-year member of Key Club International, a club that focuses on carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world. I have established a fashion club at my high school in collaboration with the fashion university known as FIDM Institute. Lastly, I served as captain of my cross country team for three years since I was a sophomore and my Track and Field team for two years. I have strengthened my leadership skills by being part of the California Scholarship Federation which is a state-wide academic honors organization. I also underwent a job training program with the mall known as The Shops at Montebello and informed myself all about their financial and marketing strategies. 

I have carried my leadership skills onto college by handling the position of President of The Hill dormitories. In this position, I have been able to work with the Residence Hall Association which takes care of and serves residents with the end goal to make their on-campus living experience an exceptional one. Through this presidential position, I have gained budgeting experience and furthered my event coordinating skills as well as my leadership skills by directing my executive board to meet our goals. I am also part of both the cross country and track and field teams here at HSU which allow me to hear the athletes opinions on issues facing our institution. Thank you so much, I hope you give me this opportunity to serve you.

Liz Cano Sanchez

Committee Head

Associated Students Board of Finance
Associated Students Event Funding Committee

Committee Member

Associated Students Executive Committee
Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Committee