Joey Mularky

Administrative Vice President

My name is Joey Mularky and I am your Associated Students Administrative Vice President. I have been involved with A.S. since my very first semester at HSU. I started as a Student-At-Large on the Board of Finance, then I became the College of Professional Studies Representative on the A.S. Council, and this past year I served as your President.

As President, I strived to empower your student voice, advocate for your interests, and enhance your university experience by actively promoting student engagement across campus. There was so much to learn when I first was elected to the presidency, such as parliamentary procedure and the strategic budgeting of the many budgets A.S. oversees. Tha Administrative Vice President position is extremely complicated and I hope that you see these last 3 years that I have served in A.S. can be a huge asset in the position; especially in the case of the budget deficit. I have learned what there is to be learned and now it is time to act.

Please, let your voice be heard!

Joey Mularky
Office hours: 
Tuesdays 5-7pm
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Committee Head

Associated Students Event Funding Committee
Associated Students Board of Finance

Committee Member

Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Committee
Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC)