Joey Mularky


When I think of the number one quality I would want to see in members of the A.S. Student Council, I think of ethicality. It is imperative for every member of our council to have the concepts of what is right and what is wrong, and be able to assess each issue with that in mind. I am confident that I can apply ethics in every situation I may come into contact with, and for that reason, I would make a great addition to the A.S. Student Council as a representative for the College of Professional Studies. Being a double major in both Business Management and Accounting, I know how it feels to be a student in the College of Professional Studies exclusively, and I know I will represent it honorably and make the students proud. I will have served on the A.S. Board of Finance for a year when this semester concludes, and I feel that being on this committee has prepared me for taking a place among the council and given me the experience I need to be a part of the professional environment that has the potential to intimidate many people into not speaking up. I will be prepared, I will voice my stance through the eyes of a student within the College of Professional Studies, and do everything I possibly can to be the dedicated representative I’m certain that I will be. If you too think ethically, I’m positive you’ll see I’m a great choice and that I genuinely care about this school and everyone in it. Thank you for your time.

Joey Mularky

Committee Head

Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Committee
Associated Students Executive Committee
Associated Students Campus/Community Service Scholarship Committee
Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC)

Committee Member

Associated Students Board of Finance
University Senate
Honorary Degree Nominating Committee