Isabel Jazlin Sanchez

Environmental Sustainability Officer

Candidate Statement 4/3/2018
Who am I?
My name is Isabel Jazlin Sanchez-Pacheco and I care deeply for my peers and our
environments (nature, school, etc.). Throughout the four years that I have been at Humboldt
State University, I have been fortunate enough to turn food waste into compost with the Waste
Reduction and Resource Awareness Program (WRRAP) and to be a co-director at the Campus
Center for Appropriate Technology. I have one year left before I finish my undergrad and look
forward to going back home to the Bay Area to join the urban agriculture movement.
Why should students vote for me as the A.S. Environmental Sustainability Officer?
I believe students should vote for me because I am empathetic to the social and environmental
justice that students are seeking. I am not only empathetic but I would like to address the most
prominent barriers that keep students from becoming more sustainable both environmentally
and socially. I wish to be the voice for students.
What experiences and personal qualities will you bring to the position of Environmental
Sustainability Officer?
I have worked with many environmental sustainability organizations such as CCAT, WRRAP,
Zero Waste Humboldt, and North Coast Growers Association. I would like to use my
connections to create and co-create events for students to become more knowledgeable of
sustainability practices.
I am also a great listener. I would love to hear student’s ideas and concerns. Additionally, I love
collaboration and encourage anyone to approach me about project ideas!
What are the most important issues facing students next year and how will you address
these issues if elected?
I think the most important issues facing students next year are 1) Food Insecurity 2) Access to
Knowledge in regards to sustainable living 3) Lack of Funding.
As we all know, many students face one or all of these problems. I would like to address these
issues by joining forces with many organizations such as CCAT (community garden access),
OhSnap! (food pantry), and others to combat these most prominent issues.

Isabel Jazlin Sanchez
Office hours: 
Fri 12-2pm
Year in School: 

Committee Head

Associated Students Earth Week Every Week Committee

Committee Member

Humboldt Energy Independence Fund (HEIF)
President's Advisory on Sustainability
Associated Students Executive Committee
Associated Students Graduate Pledge Alliance
HSU Sustainability Committee
Associated Students Board of Finance