Eden Lolley

College of Natural Resources & Sciences Representative

Eden Lolley
Candidacy Statement
I am fighting to preserve the integrity and quality of our degree program at Humboldt
State University. With budget cuts looming near, students worry that our lessons will suffocate
inside of the classroom. We learn best when we apply information to the real world; to take this
away from students would be to take away essential learning experiences.
The top three values of the CNRS are the commitment to students, the commitment to
hands-on learning, and the belief that research, discovery, and innovation are fundamental to
our success and the quality of undergraduate and graduate education. These values make the
education at HSU unique. As your student representative, I will ensure that our education is not
jeopardized. I have the confidence to stand our ground and the dedication to make the voice of
the students heard.

Eden Lolley
Office hours: 
Mondays 10:00am-12:00pm
Year in School: 
Marine Biology

Committee Member

Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Committee