Ben Anderson

Student Affairs Vice President

I am eager to represent the ways I can contribute to this board as Vice President of Student Affairs. I have served on similar committees before, most recently during my three-season career with Lowes Home Improvement. During my service to both the Voice Team and the Safety Team, I absorbed the opinions and needs of the company’s staff and translated them into solutions. I navigated organizational structures to direct appropriate, effective communications to meet the objectives of our group (respectively, to improve employee satisfaction and to increase awareness of the company’s many safety policies). I also co-founded and wrote for a store newsletter.
My appointment to those committees was predicated by three years managing maintenance on a cooperative organic farm of sixty residents and twenty seasonal volunteers. While there I received professional training in organizational goal setting and project management, consensus-based group facilitation, and non-violent communication. I utilized these skills while reporting to weekly meetings for multiple bodies, taking notes, building budgets, and drafting group emails to disseminate decisions and results. These skills remain foundational to my current position as Treasurer of the HSU Unscripted Sutras Improv Club.
To discard the pedantic tone, I’m hard-working and fair, and I have a solid background in communication and group participation. I’ve been described as “easy to talk to,” and every so often someone asks if I intend to become a teacher or counselor. I like to see needs and use the existing resources to fill them.
I love being a lumberjack; it’s been my dream since Humboldt was first recommended by my high school English professor alumni John Stroh. I think being on this campus and breathing this air is a special experience that excites students and faculty. I want to tap into that unique HSU experience and use it to pull our college together and reveal the energy and unity that already exists on our intimate campus.
Thank you for considering my candidacy for the AS Student Affairs Vice President. I look forward to further discussion my qualifications and vision with you.

Ben Anderson
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