The Executive Committee serves as an advisory group assessing the needs and goals of the Associated Students. The committee also evaluates any A.S. Board of Directors member as to upholding their responsibilities and recommends appointments to the A.S. Board of Directors. The committee consists of the A.S. President, three A.S. Vice Presidents, the External Affairs Representative, the A.S. Elections Commissioner, the A.S. Presents Representative, and an A.S. Board of Directors representative.

The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Association elected by the Association membership.

  1. Serves as the official representative of the Association.
  2. May propose legislation to the A.S. Council.
  3. Chairs the Executive Committee.
  4. Makes appointments to committees and boards for the Association with the consent of the A.S. Council by a 2/3 vote.
  5. Serves as a member of the AS Council.
  6. Vote on actions or decisions taken by the AS Council.

Joey Mularky

Committee Head

  • Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Committee

Committee Member

  • Associated Students, Board of Finance

AS Executive Committee Meetings

There are no upcoming AS Executive Meetings scheduled.

Current Executive Openings

  • Legislative Vice President

The Legislative Vice President is the chair the A.S. Board of Directors and may vote when it will affect the outcome. The Legislative Vice President is responsible to receive information from A.S. committee appointments, is responsible for the maintenance of and adherence to the Associated Students Code and sits on the AS Executive Committee and other assigned university committees.

  • External Affairs Representative 

The External Affairs Representative is responsible for representation and presenting the position of HSU students and the Associated Students of HSU to the California State Student Association meetings monthly at CSU Campuses around the state.  The representative votes on behalf of the Associated Students and administers the program budget. The representative attends all AS Council meetings, retreats, orientation and also attends AS Executive Committee meetings when necessary.  The External Affairs Representative chairs the AS Lobby Corps Committee and coordinates voter registration and education.

  • Social Justice & Equity Officer

The Officer of Social Justice and Equity shall be the chief social justice and diversity advisor to the A.S. President.

Duties of the A.S. Social Justice and Equity Officer:

The A.S. Social Justice and Equity Officer shall sit on the Executive Committee.
Serves as a member of the AS Board of Directors.
Vote on actions or decisions taken by the AS Board of Directors.