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As an A.S. Board member, you could gain leadership skills, learn ways to effectively communicate, get involved, and stay informed as you help your fellow students.

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You educate the campus community on many of the issues students deal with every day. You advocate for students and student groups as you protect their rights and interests. You allocate student fee dollars that benefit students and stimulate the educational, social, physical, and cultural well-being of the University community. 

Apply to represent and work for students in 2019-20!

  • A.S. External Affairs Representative 
      • This student travels monthly to the CSU system's large A.S. meetings, also known as the Cal State Student Association (CSSA).
        Works to register students to vote.
        Can lead campus initiatives at the city and state levels.
        Chairs the A.S. Lobby Corps.
      • Annual stipend of $2.302

  • AS Presents Representative
      • The role of the ASPresents Representative is to provide cultural and educational programming for the HSU community. The ASPresents Representative will primarily work with Center Arts, but occasionally the position will work with other HSU community members.
        They are the chair of the AS Presents Committee who develop and vote on the programming for the current academic and some of the next academic year’s programming.

      • Annual stipend of $2.302

  • A.S. Public Relations Officer & Elections Commissioner
      • They chair the A.S. Public Relations Committee which works on outreach from A.S. to students. This committee creates posts (content [photo, video], captions, decides timing) for thr A.S. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages to promote the A.S. government and A.S. funded areas. They also create flyers and materials for on-campus publicity.
        In Spring, the role Elections Commission is to ensure a successful AS elections process. This means developing an elections campaign that is informative and inclusive. It is the Elections Commissioner’s responsibility to develop a marketing campaign that provides a high voter turnout and a competitive election. The commissioner should have a passion, among other skills, for marketing, advertising, and social advocacy.
      • Annual stipend of $2.302
Represent your college:
  • College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Representative (Annual stipend of $1,919)

  • College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Representative (Annual stipend of $1,919)

  • College of Professional Studies Representative (Annual stipend of $1,919)

  • College of Professional Studies Representative (Annual stipend of $1,919)
Listen, inform and represent all students no matter your major:
  • At-Large Representative (Annual stipend of $1,919)
  • At-Large Representative (Annual stipend of $1,919)

Not an undergraduate? Advocate the Graduate Perspective:
  • Graduate Student Representative (Annual stipend of $1,919)

Students must meet the following requirements to serve on the AS Board of Directors.

For Undergraduates:

  • Be a current HSU student enrolled in a minimum of 9 units for the current semester.
  • Have a cumulative and current semester 2.3 GPA
  • Successfully completed 12 semester units at HSU within the twelve months preceding this semester.
  • No more than 132 cumulative units or 125 percent of the units required for a specific baccalaureate degree.

For Post-Baccalaureate Students:

  • Maintain 6 units per semester
  • Cumulative and semester 3.0 GPA
  • No more than 50 cumulative units or 125 percent of the units required for a specific baccalaureate degree.

10 Positions Open for Application

ASPresents Representative

External Affairs Representative

Public Relations Officer & Elections Commissioner

Graduate Student Representative

2 Representatives for the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

2 Representatives for the College of Professional Studies

2 Representatives At-large

Stipends Awarded

Stipends are awarded twice per semester to current Board members based on a percentage of the estimated cost of resident undergraduate tuition and fees as published by the Humboldt State University Financial Aid Office

  • 95% of student fees for 2019-20 = $7,290

  • 30% of student fees for 2019-20 = $2,302
    Administrative Vice President,
    Legislative Vice President,
    Student Affairs Vice President,
    Environmental Sustainability Officer,
    Social Justice and Equity Officer,
    External Affairs Representative,
    A.S. Presents Representative,
    Public Relations Officer 

  • 25% of student fees for 2019-20 = $1,919
    College-specific representatives from each college,
    At-Large representatives,
    Graduate student representative

Board members work between 6 and  15 hours depending on position. As a base, all members are scheduled for 3 hour Board meetings at least every other Monday, varying committee meetings, and hold 2 office hours a week.