Executives - positions with more committments and higher responsibility

Position TitlePosition DescriptionPosition's Automatic Committee Membership
A.S. President
  • Serves as the official representative of the Association.
  • May propose legislation to the A.S. Board of Directors.
  • Makes appointments to committees and boards for the Association, with the consent of the A.S. Board of Directors by a 2/3 vote.
  • Serves as a member of the AS Board of Directors
  • Vote on actions or decisions taken by the AS Board of Directors.
  • Chairs the Executive Committee
  • Faculty Affairs Committee
  • Student Fee Advisory Committee
  • Board of Directors
  • University Resource and Planning Committee
  • A.S. Board of Finance
  • Honorary Degree Nominating Committee
  • Chairs Instructionally Related Activities Committee 
  • University Center Board of Directors
  • University Center, Business Enterprise Board
  • University Senate
A.S. Administrative Vice President
  • The Administrative Vice President is, in essence, the treasurer of Associated Students and handles the budget and allocation of funds. The position works closely with the AS staff on budget issues. They assume the duties of the President if the position is vacant or the President is unable to fulfill their duties.
  • Makes appointments to committees and boards for the Association, with the consent of the A.S. Board of Directors by a 2/3 vote.
  • Chairs A.S. Board of Finance
  • Chairs A.S. Event Funding Committee
  • Instructionally Related Activities Committee
A.S. Legislative Vice President
  • Maintains and enforces the A.S. Codes and chairs the A.S. Board meetings. This includes ensuring that Board Members are acting accountably and ensuring general transparency to the Student Body. 
  • Makes appointments to committees and boards for the Association, with the consent of the A.S. Board of Directors by a 2/3 vote.
  • Academic Policies Committee
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Committee
  • Integrated Curriculum Committee
  • Student Health Center Advisory Committee
  • A.S. Executive Committee
A.S. Student Affairs Vice President
  • The role of the Student Affairs Vice President (SAVP) is broad, but important. Their job is to educate the community, advocate for students, and support student voices. They are responsible for building relationships and raising awareness regarding pressing issues on campus. The SAVP also chairs the Student Affairs Advisory Committee, whose purpose is to create programming that helps the SAVP accomplish their goals.
  • Makes appointments to committees and boards for the Association with the consent of the A.S. Board of Directors by a 2/3 vote
  • Chairs A.S. Student Affairs Advisory Committee
  • Diversity Program Funding Committee
  • Graduate Pledge Alliance Committee
  • A.S. Events Funding Committee 
  • University Center Board of Directors 
  • A.S. Executive Committee
Environmental Sustainability OfficerThe Environmental Sustainability Officer will be the chair of the Earth Week Committee and will advise the Board of Directors on matters regarding the environment and sustainability.
Works closely with WRRAP, CCAT, and other groups on campus that work on environmental sustainability.
  • Chairs Earth Week Every Week Committee
  • Humboldt Energy Independence Fund Committee
  • A.S. Executive Committee
  • A.S. Graduate Pledge Alliance Committee
  • Graduate Pledge Alliance
Social Justice & Equity OfficerThe Social Justice and Equity Officer will strive for equity and representation of students of different races, ethnicities, genders, gender identities, orientations, disabilities, and other underserved identities and communities. They work with different groups and entities on and off campus including, but not limited to Centers of Academic Excellence, INRSEP, Multicultural Center, Queer Student Union, M.E.Ch.A, Centro De Pueblo, Students with Disabilities Advisory Committee, and the Veterans Office
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council
  • Diversity & Equity Grants Committee
  • Disability, Access & Compliance Committee
  • A.S. Executive Committee


Representativespositions with more opt-in committments and lower automatic responsibilities

Position(s)Committees?Special Qualifications
One Graduate RepresentativeRepresentative chooses own committee(s) and appliesMust be a graduate student
Two College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences RepresentativesRepresentative chooses own committee(s) and appliesMajoring in: Anthropology, Art, Communications, Critical Race, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (CRGS), Dance, English, Environment & Community M.A. Program in Social Science, Environmental Studies, Film, Geography, History, International Studies, Journalism & Mass Communication, Music, Native American Studies, Philosophy, Politics, Religious Studies, Sociology, Theatre Arts, or World Languages & Cultures
Two College of Natural Resources & Sciences RepresentativesRepresentative chooses own committee(s) and appliesMajoring in: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Resources Engineering, Environmental Science & Management, Environmental Systems Program. Fisheries Biology, Forestry &, Wildland Resources, Geology, Mathematics, Natural Resources Graduate Program, Oceanography, Physics & Astronomy, or Wildlife
Two College of Professional Studies RepresentativesRepresentative chooses own committee(s) and appliesMajoring in: Business, Child Development, Economics, Education, Kinesiology & Recreation Administration, Leadership Studies, Liberal Studies Elementary Education, Psychology, or Social Work
Two At-large RepresentativesRepresentative chooses own committee(s) and applies

Stipends Awarded

Stipends are awarded twice per semester to current Board members based on a percentage of the estimated cost of resident undergraduate tuition and fees as published by the Humboldt State University Financial Aid Office

  • 95% of student fees for 2019-20

  • 30% of student fees for 2019-20
    Administrative Vice President,
    Legislative Vice President,
    Student Affairs Vice President,
    Environmental Sustainability Officer,
    Social Justice and Equity Officer,
    External Affairs Representative,
    A.S. Presents Representative,
    Public Relations Officer 

  • 25% of student fees for 2019-20
    College-specific representatives from each college,
    At-Large representatives,
    Graduate student representative

Board members work between 6 and  15 hours depending on position. As a base, all members are scheduled for 3 hour Board meetings at least every other Monday, varying committee meetings, and hold 2 office hours a week.

All A.S. Board Members must meet the minimum_qualifications.pdf required for all HSU Student Office Holders

The A.S. Board of Directors meets ~every other week on Mondays. Their duties are:

  • To formulate the Association's Rules, Regulations and Policies, as detailed in the Associated Students Code and other policy papers.
  • Vote on actions or decisions taken by the A.S. Board
  • To approve standing rules of the Board and meeting calendar.
  • To promote the use and development of programs funded by the Association.
  • To sit on at least one A.S., Senate or campus committee
  • To approve the annual A.S. Budget
  • To approve Executive Officer appointments by a 2/3 vote
  • To create committees and ad-hoc committees, to empower those committees to accomplish goals set by the Board and to appoint student representatives to thos committees
  • To ratify the results of the Associated Students Elections